Welcome To


Inspired by the one and only CobraTate.

This is an Andrew Tate fan club for future Millionaires looking to break free from the Matrix.


What Color is your Bugatti? That’s what we thought.

0.04ETh + Gas fee

Minting is live!

10,000 TOPG NFTs

for Future Millionaires randomly generated on the ETH Blockchain and ready to take over the internet like Cobra Tate

Each piece is unique and cannot be duplicated

Don’t be an eternal brokey, Join the TOPG train

PHASE 1 Roadmap

25% Sold

The TOPG Merch is launched and 20 people are randomly selected as winners

50% Sold

  • We start actively campaigning for a TATE shout out!
  • 50 people are sent the TOPG Merch.
  • 10 people win 1,000USDT each!

100% Sold

  • Airdrop the TOPG Token to all holders and put, 20ETH in liquidity.
  • Launch the TOPG crypto casino to benefit all holders.
  • Drop the TOPG Token trailer and continue our campaign for recognition as the official NFT project for our main man COBRATATE!

Token MarketCap of $50,000,000

  • Throw a TOPG event at Dubai and invite CobraTate.
  • Send 500 holders to Hustlers University.
  • Casino Lambo giveaway event!

PHASE 2 Roadmap

Yet to be revealed.


A collection of 10,000 randomly generated NFTs made for the millions of Andrew Tate Fans Globally. We are growing movement that cannot be silenced. Our strength would be felt by the price growth of this collection and the feats we achieve
You can mint on the website pretty easily by connecting your wallet. If you have an issue doing that then follow on discord and open a ticket, we would attend to you.
Mint price would be 0.04eth

10 per transaction. Be greedy. It would serve you well

Once minted it would appear on OpenSea

Yes, royalties would be used for marketing and pumping up the awareness machine for the project.
When we sell out. You would be airdropped to your wallet the equivalent amount of the number you minted.


Top G Merch